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Our Group Philosophy

As entrepreneurs, we know firsthand the time and energy business owners pour into their companies, and we know you don't embark upon new marketing and branding initiatives lightly. We also know you don't want to simply hire a designer to randomly create a generic logo that could be used by virtually any company. Your company is worth more than that, and our goal is to bring that value to innovative light through your visual branding. 


Phelan Design Group follows a simple but effective process to create your company's exclusive brand identity. First, we ask pertinent questions, then actively listen to you as you talk about your company's history, mission, vision, and goals. Next, we work with you to understand the specific communications needs you face, and we discuss ideas for addressing those needs. Finally, we merge our creativity and 30+ years of design experience with your industry expertise and knowledge to create brands that resonate and move people to action.


There is one thing we don't do — dictate to you. Phelan Design Group knows branding and marketing, but you know your business, and while we'll always offer our best counsel, we respect your decisions and work within your needs and budget to give you the best possible branding.


If you need additional marketing resources beyond visual branding, we have created a virtual full-service marketing firm by assembling a stellar group of partners to seamlessly work as necessary, including:



Whatever your marketing need, Phelan Design Group has the resources, the expertise, and the passion to fill it with creativity and excellence.

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