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BioBalance Health

When Dr. Kathy Maupin needed to give her anti-aging medical practice the visual identity to match her desire to give her patients their lives back through bioidentical hormone therapy, she collaborated with Phelan Design Group. Creating a brand that perfectly reflected Dr. Maupin's philosophy and that appealed to her key audiences, Phelan Design helped BioBalance Health rocket to the top of a highly competitive angi-aging field.

Fertility Partnership
Fertility Partnership

For this start-up fertility clinic in St. Peters, Mo., Phelan Design developed the entire brand identity, including the logo, color palette, tagline, website, and all collateral. The warmth and sense of longed-for family that Phelan Design's work conveyed in the Fertility Partnership brand played a huge role in the clinic's stellar first year, attracting more than double the number of expected patients from not only across the country, but around the world.

Christian Family Day

Phelan Design Group was honored to assist for many years with brand development for the event, designing many collateral pieces, t-shirts, and other promotional materials for Christian Family Day. They also created the signature "testimony" baseball cards, translated into multiple languages, for a number of prominent Cardinals players, including Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright to name a few. Each year, CFD printed nearly half a million cards which were  shared at the game and literally around the world through missionary efforts.

Packaging_Product Dev

It’s safe to say that after 30 years in the business, Phelan Design Group has developed product branding and packaging for just about anything you can think of. Known for their talent in seamlessly extending brand identity through products and packaging, Phelan Design product development and packaging can be found on everything from golf balls to DVD sets and holiday client gifts. When companies want product branding and packaging that will intrigue customers and move product, they call Phelan Design Group.

Packaging/Product Development
Business collateral
Business Collateral

Phelan Design Group understands that great business collateral doesn’t just tell the “what” of a company, it explains the “why” — the reasons that stellar companies exist and their brand promise to clients and customers. With creativity and an unmatched attention to detail, Phelan Design creates distinctive collateral that increases brand awareness, sets great companies apart from competitors, and sends customers down the road of brand loyalty that turns them into enthusiastic, long–term fans.


Challenged with refreshing a 40 year old brand image, PDG and partners tackled this challenge and delivered a result (in under 8 weeks) that resulted in Tapco Inc. being the talk of their industry trade show. We even designed and wrapped an H1 Hummer for advertising and promotional purposes! Updating their identity while maintaining existing brand equity was the goal. Expanding and strengthening their image as the industry leader in their field of agricultural support products was the result. 

Tapco Inc.
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