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Chris Croy

Moving Pictures​


Photographer/Videographer Professional

Looking back now, it was inevitable that Chris Croy would become a professional photographer/videographer specializing in “creatively commanding” photos and videos. With his dad a semi-professional photographer and his mom a journalist, Chris learned not only the mechanics of photography, but also the art of telling a story, and he’s put those early lessons to good use in his 20-year career. 

Chris has traveled around the world on commercial, portrait, and wedding photography and videography assignments, always keeping in mind his No. 1 goal with every client – making everyone in the shot look terrific. He works tirelessly to ensure his photos and videos are visually stunning, moving the viewer to emotion and action. Whether it’s a downtown St. Louis business needing something far beyond the standard commercial shots, the first days of a precious new baby’s life at a small rural hospital, or a spectacularly exotic wedding in Bali, Chris brings out the distinctive personalities that turn ordinary photos into extraordinary images.

A deeply devoted family man, Chris lives on south St. Louis farmland with his wife Dina and four children. He is an active participant in his children’s homeschooling and includes his entire family in his profession as often as possible, finding teachable moments in everything from developing budgets to scouting locations. Chris often finds himself learning as much from the children as he teaches them, and can usually be found in his free time climbing trees, baking, sewing, and exploring the newest additions to the household bug collection with his family.

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