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Romondo Davis

Davis Interactive Marketing


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As an entrepreneur and creative businessman, Dan Nuckolls has been a part of virtually every aspect of the entertainment as well as the business-advertising world. His work has been seen around the globe on television and in print. Nuckolls provides graphic design and television production (shooting, editing and animation) for businesses and organizations to help them project the message of who they are and what they do for those they serve. (To attract attention the “right” way.)

Dan’s work has spanned a wide array of experience in working with companies from the Walt Disney Studios to ABC Television and ministries from the mega-church of Lakewood Church with Joel Osteen to Joyce Meyer Ministries. He worked in their marketing, design, production and overall creative arenas. His ability to create a look that serves the client and communicates their personality is what makes him a valuable asset to any initiative.

Dan believes a strong corporate identity and clearly defined purpose is the foundation from which effective communications are developed. It sends an instant message that defines an entity’s viewpoint, its attitude and its intention. There is no greater value than a strong, consistent image. The “human factor” of identity is many times overlooked, whether it is internal or external. Dan helps to identify that “missing link” and develop solutions to help you succeed, both visually and fundamentally.

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